Mooï thought of you also Gentlemen and does offer you its Man range composed of care, cleaning and hygiene products made out of natural ingredients devoid of any chemical component for more respect to your skin, your health and your well-being.

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  • BEARD OIL, with organic a..

    BEARD OIL, with organic a..

    15.00 $

    Get your beard ready Gentlemen !

    Thanks to its natural formula composed mainly of argan and castor oils, Mooï natural beard oil softens and makes shine your beard while nourishing, repairing and moisturising your skin.



    18.00 $

    The Alum stone is a salt (double aluminium and potassium sulphate), which appears in the form of a translucent, white and odourless crystal. It is used as after-shave thanks to its astringent properties or as deodorant thanks to its bactericidal properties, it indeed fights effectively against the bacteria which cause bad odours.

    100% natural product.

  • NATURAL SOAP, with organi..

    NATURAL SOAP, with organi..

    8.00 $

    Contrary to industrial soaps, Mooï natural soap made out of organic argan oil and olive oil by a process of cold saponification in a craft way, moisturises, nourishes, softens and cleans your sensitive skin.

    Recommended for all skin types.

  • SHOWER GEL, with organic ..

    SHOWER GEL, with organic ..

    18.00 $

    Mooï shower gel awakens your senses and transforms your shower into a pure moment of pleasure.

    Thanks to its paraben free formulation enriched with organic argan oil and its exceptional scent, Mooï shower gel cleans, moisturises and softens your skin providing you with a unique sensation of wellbeing and softness.

    Recommended for all skin types.

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