Pamper your body and senses with Mooï body care range which offers you a wide choice of body care, body milks, body masks, shower gels, shower oils…made out of natural ingredients providing you with exceptional benefits and amazing scents to awaken your senses.

Mooï body care range will provide you beauty and well-being !

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  • ARTISANAL SOAP with organ..

    ARTISANAL SOAP with organ..

    9.00 $

    Volume : 80g / 2.8 US oz approx.

    Directions for use : Apply as body or face soap. To be rinsed

    – Natural artisanal soap with organic argan oil : composed of 100% of natural ingredients – Recommended for Face and body use.

    – Honey & Orange blossom scent artisanal soaps : composed of 99% of natural ingredients – Recommended only for body use.

  • BODY MILK, with organic a..

    BODY MILK, with organic a..

    20.00 $

    Mooï body milk will transform your dehydrated skin in a baby’s skin.

    Thanks to its unique formulation rich in organic argan oil, prickly pear oil and aloe vera, Mooï body milk repairs, nourishes, moisturises and softens your dry, dehydrated and damaged skin providing you with a soft, satiny and in depth moisturised skin.

    Recommended for all skin types



    18.00 $

    The Alum stone is a salt (double aluminium and potassium sulphate), which appears in the form of a translucent, white and odourless crystal. It is used as after-shave thanks to its astringent properties or as deodorant thanks to its bactericidal properties, it indeed fights effectively against the bacteria which cause bad odours.

    100% natural product.



    20.00 $

    Thanks to its natural formulation rich in vegetal oils, Mooï body scrub exfoliates and reduces dead cells while moisturising and nourishing your skin.

    Recommended for all skin types  Do not use it as face scrub.

  • NATURAL RHASSOUL, 100% pu..

    NATURAL RHASSOUL, 100% pu..

    18.00 $

    An ancestral beauty secret of women from east

    Used as hair mask or facial mask or still as cataplasm for body envelopment, Mooï Rhassoul is produced with respect to GMP standards and is recognized by its purifying and cleaning virtues. It has the magic power to absorb smoothly the dead cells, the particles of fat and the impurities.

    Recommended for all skin types. Avoid eye area.



    30.00 $40.00 $

     Certified Vega n& Cruelty free  100% natural product certified organic.  Extracted by first cold pressure.  Recommended for face (all skin types including oily skin), body, hair and nails. For better results it’s highly recommended to use pure Mooï argan oil and avoid mixing it with any other product, oil or cream.

     Keep away from light and heat.  Avoid the sun exposure

  • SHOWER GEL, with organic ..

    SHOWER GEL, with organic ..

    18.00 $

    Mooï shower gel awakens your senses and transforms your shower into a pure moment of pleasure.

    Thanks to its paraben free formulation enriched with organic argan oil and its exceptional scent, Mooï shower gel cleans, moisturises and softens your skin providing you with a unique sensation of wellbeing and softness.

    Recommended for all skin types.

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