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    Whether you are looking for a clean natural solution to uplift your mood and reduce anxiety, or you need to nourish and repair your dry body skin deeply. Or you are looking to reduce stretch marks on your body during or after pregnancy or loss of weight. Or, you simply need a clean natural scented body oil to hydrate, soften your body, and enhance your wellness daily !

    All you need for your Mood, and Body care was thought of by MOOI MOOD & BODY ESSENTIALS, To help you start your own customized clean body beauty routine, we composed a Mood & Body essentials set made of Clean Natural & Organic ingredients, which you can use to make your own clean natural scented body oils, massage oils, and bath oils.

    • Pure Authentic Organic Moroccan argan oil 100ml – 3.7fl oz
    • Natural Lemon essential oil 10ml – 0.37fl oz
    • Natural Tangerine essential oil 10ml – 0.37fl oz
    • Natural Lemongrass essential oil 10ml – 0.37fl oz


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    LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL, 100% pure and natural  

    Lemon essential oil is a must-have at home, and it’s a beneficial oil for many applications.

    Our Lemon essential oil MOOI is 100% pure and natural, non-diluted with absolutely no chemicals. It’s extracted directly from lemon fruit peel (Citrus Limon).

    Lemon essential oil may help calming and reduce anxiety symptoms thanks to its anti-stress and antidepressant effects and it may also help uplifting and boosting your mood and motivation.

    Lemon essential oil may help get rid of some germs and harmful microbes thanks to its germ-busting properties.

    Lemon essential oil may also help decreasing the severity of Nausea and vomiting symptoms in early pregnancy.

    Lemon essential oil may also help eliminating some harmful bacteria that can grow on our skin for a healthier skin.

    Lemon essential oil may help with your concentration and making you feel alert.

    Lemon essential oil may also help treating and preventing acne breakouts.

    Direction for use

    • Add 2 drops of Lemon essential oil in 3 to 4 tablespoons of MOOI organic argan oil or another quality carrier oil and massage it on your body skin. Make sure to always dilute your essential oil before applying it topically.
    • Rub the mixture in between your palms and place it over your nose and mouth for a few seconds to calm your nerves and uplift your mood.
    • Use an oil diffuser to spread your Lemon essential oil in your home or workspace.
    • Mix few drops of Lemon essential oil with one ounce of MOOI organic argan oil and add it to a bathtub filled with warm water. Avoid getting any water from an essential oil bath into your eyes, nose, or mouth.
    • Precaution! Avoid sun exposure after using Lemon essential oil topically; Citrus essential oils may react to sunlight and cause skin irritation.

    INCI: Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil.

    Volume : 10ml – 0.34 US Fl oz approx.