moroccan oil

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    If you are located in Canada you can order this product locally at WALMART.CA & AMAZON.CA or

    Volumes : 50 – 100ml / 1.7 – 3.4 US fl oz approx.

    Directions to use :

     Apply on your face as antioxidant and moisturizing night serum. Wash your face in the morning with your regular soap and warm water.

    Avoid sun exposure – Do not apply on your face in daylight

     Apply as body oil after the shower at night

     Apply as hair oil mask for dry, dull and damaged hair

     Apply on nails to soften and moisturize cuticules

     Recommended for all skin types 

     Keep away from light and heat

     Do Not use if you are allergic to argan oil or argan fruit.

    If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any listed ingredient on the labels you should not use this product.

    You should test the product first, on a small area before using it for the first time.