Top Argan Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair June BY|Sonakshi Sharma

Top Argan Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

June 10, 2019

|Sonakshi Sharma

** Be mindful of any nut allergies while using argan oil. Not technically being a tree nut, it may have exceptions but it’s always advised to do a patch test on the inside of the arm for any allergic reactions.

For generations, native Moroccans have devoted their time in extracting and preparing the best quality argan oil, which also happens to be an age old beauty secret for healthy skin, hair and nails!

B E N E F I T S   O F   A R G A N   O I L

Argan oil is a rare combination of oleic (Omega 9) as well as linoleic (Omega 6) fatty acids, both of them being extremely beneficial for acne prone skin. (It does not clog pores!). Apart from being rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, it is also packed with essential antioxidants that accommodate skin cell and hair growth. Wondering what can be the other uses?

1. Night time beauty oil

Argan oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It’s been 4 months I’m off chemical skin care products for my night time skin care routine and trust me when I say this, essential oils are NOT overrated! They work wonders and your skin thanks you every morning you wake up. I use a combination of organic rose hip, argan as well as turmeric oil for my everyday skin care needs. (Ps- Each oil to be used individually)

How to use it? Right after cleansing your skin, pour not more than 2 drops of argan oil onto your palm and massage it into your face and neck in a circular motion. You can also gently tap it onto areas that you feel need a little extra care (under eyes, peak of you cheeks and any delicate areas). The vitamin A and E can help with wrinkled skin while keeping other delicate areas moisturized.

2. Acne Remedy

Chemical creams, washes and serums can be expensive and in a long run, can do more harm than any good. Where as argan oil has been proven to reduce sebum levels (shout out to all individuals with oily skin issues, this is for you!!)

How to use it? Pour a drop of argan oil onto your palm and apply it to problematic areas. Surprisingly, tea tree oil compliments the argan oil benefits beautifully making it a powerful combination of antioxidants which also happen to be anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial. Together, they can fight stubborn acne as well as reduces scarring.

3. Stretch mark remedy

Known for improving elasticity of skin, vitamin A and E present in argan oil can help deal with stubborn stretch marks.

How to use it? Warm 8-10 drops of argan oil and mix it with brown sugar. Gently message into affected areas before bath. Reapply the oil after a shower prior to dressing. Practice thrice a week for best results!

4. Leave in hair conditioner

 Argan oil not only benefits skin but is as wonderful for your hair. Non-greasy by nature, it makes a perfect leave in conditioner, great for hair styling and also to tame dry and frizzy hair.

How to use it? Apply 2-3 drops to freshly washed hair, let it stay and act like a natural leave in conditioner. It can also be used prior to heating but figuring out the right amount to apply may take practice.I personally use some on my scalp too as it’s also known to promote hair growth (Be advised that it shouldn’t be used too much! Less is more, isn’t it?)

5. Nail and Cuticle treatment

Nail extensions sure have weakened my natural nails as well as cuticles. It’s been 6 months I haven’t got any extensions done and honestly never wish to as well. I’ve been looking for a remedy to get back to my healthy nails and finally found a fix!

How to use it? Take 2 drops and message them on bare nails before sleeping everyday or at-least thrice a week! Check back into the matter and you’re guaranteed to find healthier nails in just 3 weeks!!

I’ve lately been talking about organic skin care and it’s only because I believe in it’s benefits from the core of my existence! Being from a culture that’s rich in Ayurveda and it’s uses for skin, hair and overall health, I truly believe organic products do wonders in the long run.

Talking of everything organic, I recently discovered MOOI, a Moroccan premium organic and natural cosmetic brand that has a plethora of products to offer but my favourite has to be their ARGAN OIL. 

Pure argan oil might be expensive, but the number of products you can make and replace with it is what makes it worth every penny spent!

Why MOOI Cosmetics ?

They are 100% natural and organic

Their products are originally made in Morocco which is also a homeland to the purest argan oil around the globe!

They support fair trade helping woman in Morocco to earn a living they deserve!

They contribute to the environment by creating eco friendly products and also happen to be cruelty free!

Cheers to living a healthy, organic and much more conscious life! 

Until then, xoxo 

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